Navigator Car Pro

Navigator 7 comes with Android Auto connectivity - for free

MapFactor Navigator is one of the first offline GPS navigation apps for Android Auto. This function will be available at no extra charge in all Navigator 7 versions – from Navigator FREE to professional Navigator PRO (PRO versions releases will follow soon). Navigator 7 for Android is fully compatible with Android Auto car displays. More details here.

Navigator Car Pro

New TomTom maps available (ver. 76)

The new TomTom map update (map version 76) brings new territories all over the world and a change from the concept of an individual map purchase to an advantageous one-year regional map subscription which includes also all quarterly map updates. The customers thus always have up-to-date maps on hand.

Navigator Car Pro

Navigator CAR PRO - new Android GPS navigation for cars

Enjoy the new CAR PRO version developed for all car drivers. Navigator Car Pro for Android offers the latest TomTom maps and all paid features (incl. real-time traffic) in an advantageous monthly or yearly subscription.

New countries with HD traffic available

New countries with Live HD traffic available!

Online traffic information are now available for almost 90 territories all over the world.

In February we added new countries in Europe, Afrika and in America.

In April, 5 new regions (Latin America, South Asia, Oceania, North & East Asia and Middle East) followed.

More details on Live HD Traffic...

new tomtom maps 1-2021

New TomTom maps available (ver. 75)

Update your TomTom map data for more accurate and reliable navigation. New TomTom maps (version 75) are now available for Navigator apps.

- Free download for all PRO subscribers.
- In NavigatorFREE app as in-app purchase, with discount on map upgrades for our existing customers.


promo picture news MapFactor Navigator PRO iOS

Navigator PRO - new iOS navigation for cars or trucks

Navigator PRO is a new iOS GPS navigation app for all professional drivers of cars (using standard TomTom maps) or trucks and large vehicles (using specialised TomTom truck maps). Its advantageous one-year subscription offers all paid add-ons and the latest maps (incl. quarterly updates). Routing is optimised for your vehicle and live traffic.


promo picture news MapFactor PC and Pocket Navigator 20 for WIndows and WinCE

PC Navigator 20 for Windows/WinCE available

New version of Mapfactor GPS navigation software for Windows and WinCE devices has been released, including the latest professional TomTom maps!
Get now through our e-shop:
- PC/Pocket Navigator 20 Standard or Truck,
- MapExplorer 20 - get it for free together with purchase of Navigator 20.
We have also released new OCX map modules for development of own map applications.

promo picture news MapFactor Navigator TRUCK PRO for Android

Navigator TRUCK PRO - new Android sat nav for trucks & large vehicles

Are you driving a truck, van, bus, caravan or another large vehicle? If yes, then Navigator Truck Pro was developed especially for you. Its advantageous one-year subscription offers all paid add-ons and the latest specialised TomTom truck maps (incl. quarterly updates). Routing is optimised for your vehicle parameters and live traffic updates.



New Android version: Navigator 6 with a new menu design and online search

A new main menu with integrated search at its heart. Premium online search and further improvements.


New Android version: Navigator 5.0 - a colour changing chameleon

Adorn Navigator in your favourite colour! Navigator 5.0 for Android brings UI facelift and app colour themes.


New 1.7 version of Navigator for iOS released!

Navigator 1.7 for iOS devices has been released. It inludes Text-To-Speech, which increases voice navigation information with audible street names, many new customisation options and further improvements.


Communicate with your vehicle fleet using remote commands in Navigator

MapFactor Navigator provides flexible communication between the driver and control centre.