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Alternative Routes premium label


Alternative Routes

Alternative routes are one of several Premium Features in Navigator. Before you start on a journey Navigator will calculate three alternative routes (the fastest, shortest or cheapest - depending on your settings) for you to choose from. The routes are all displayed on the map at the same time and you simply select the one that suits you best. You can buy the Alternative routes either separately or together with other Premium features as Mega Pack.

Head-Up display premium label


Head-Up display

Head-Up display feature helps you to avoid switching gaze between a bright screen and the road ahead when driving at night. It projects navigation instructions on the windscreen of your car. This way you do not need to take your eye of the road as you drive and makes night-time driving safer. You can enable it by going to Tools - Head-up Display while navigating. You can buy this feature separtely or together with other Premium features as Mega Pack.

Navigator - Live HD Traffic

Live HD Traffic information

premium label


HD traffic offers live traffic information that is displayed on the map and used for route calculation and optimisation. If there is a new major delay along your route, Navigator will automatically recalculate it to save you time and help you get to your destination more quickly. It is available as an in-app purchase in Tools - Buy Maps - Online traffic information. To set up HD traffic go to Settings - Navigation - HD traffic. A list of current traffic restrictions is available in Tools - HD Traffic.

More details and list of available countries here.

Truck restriction icons premium label

Truck restriction icons


Truck restrictions can be seen as icons directly on the map. If you are driving a truck or a large vehicle, it is important to know of the many road restrictions in advance. To make driving easier Navigator displays restriction for large vehicles as icons directly on the map. In Settings - Map customisation you can enable/disable the truck restriction icons permanently or show them depending on the selected vehicle profile. This feature is available for TomTom Truck version only.

premium label

Online Search


If you have an active data connection, you can use the Online search engine in Navigator in addition to the standard offline search. Its advantage is the search not only in the downloaded map materials, but also in other online data. For example, you can find a destination or point of interest that is not listed in OSM or TomTom maps. In Navigator 6+ (Android), you can switch to online search by tapping the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the main menu.

Vzdálené příkazy premium label

Remote commands


The Remote Commands allows you to integrate Navigator with other software into larger telematics systems or to control it remotely using a set of external commands. The dispatcher can thus send the driver, for example, a new destination directly to the navigation. You can also get information remotely from the application, such as the remaining time and distance to the destination, current GPS coordinates, and more.

premium label

App colour schemes


Switch to your favorite colour. With the premium Colour Schemes, you can set Navigator to the colour you like best. In addition to the standard blue, there are 15 other colour themes (including various shades of green, orange, red, purple, pink, brown or black) and a dark night theme. You can choose a color in Settings - App customization - App colour theme.

Android Auto & Apple CarPlay connectivity

View the navigation and control Navigator app directly from the Android Auto/Apple CarPlay device in your vehicle. Navigator 7 for Android brings full compatibility with Android Auto completely free for users of all versions of Navigator 7 for Android 6 and higher. Navigator 2.5 for iOS comes with Apple CarPlay Beta in November 2021.

Waypoints optimisation

Navigator can optimise the order of waypoints and thus make the route shorter. The optimisation of waypoints is another very useful feature in Navigator. You can find it in Route info/Routing points/ ... option Optimise. Independently from the order in which you have entered the waypoints, Navigator optimises their sequence and thus makes the route shorter. Of course, this feature is handy not only for professional drivers but also for private users.

Setting up your vehicle

Setting up your vehicle

In Navigator you can use a predefined template for route calculation (Bicycle, Bus, Car, Motorcycle, Motorhome, Pedestrian, Truck) or create your own vehicle profile which exactly matches your own car. TomTom maps can help to navigate large vehicles like trucks, buses or camper-vans. You can create your own vehicle profile for navigation by going to Settings and selecting Vehicle Profiles. To get TomTom maps go to Map Manager from the main menu and select Buy Maps.



Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam or road works and you wanted to drive an alternative way for the next couple of miles? You can use the Detour feature of Navigator. Whilst using the app for navigating, either tap and long press the map and choose Detour from the Quick actions, or tap shortly on the map and the new toolbar will appear on the bottom of the screen, where Detour is the first button on the left.



Odometer is a standard tool of Navigator. It lets you record distances you have driven. Very similar to the one that you have in your car. But with Navigator you can split your journeys between private and business trips. To start go to Tools in the menu and tap Odometer. Navigator also keeps a log of past trips and these can be accessed in the History tab. Simply select the month and the year you want to see and all your trips will be listed.

mapFactor Navigator - Infopanels

Info panels

When using the map or navigating three info panels are displayed at the bottom of the screen to show you information about your position and your journey. You can have more than three info panels or change the info they display. Simply tap on one of the panels. Now you can choose to remove it, change its contents ("setup panel"), even add another panel or resize the panels. Tap Setup panel to see a list of useful information.

Customisable navigation

Customisable navigation

Navigator offers many customisation possibilities. For example, you can customise the red colour of the GPS navigation arrow to any other colour you prefer more. To do this go to Settings - Map Customisation - Other colours - GPS arrow colour. Or you can adjust the colour of the routes highlights (for navigation as well as alternative routes) to any colour you wish. You can do this in Settings - Map Customisation - Other colours.

Speed limit and camera warnings

Speed limit and camera warnings*

Navigator can help you stay within the speed limit and avoid fines. Navigator can warn you either on screen (flashing speed limit restriction sign) or also by an audio alarm. To enable this function go to Settings - Navigation - Speed and camera warnings. In the Speed limits menu you can set how and when Navigator should warn you in case you exceed the speed limit. You can also set a threshold for the speed warning based on Exact speed limit, percentage, and value.

Map customisation

Map customisation

Customize the map in Settings - Map customisation. Using the Map Scale menu you can adjust sizes of texts, roads and icons. You can also choose which POI types you want to see on the map. Furthermore, if you have some favourite colours, other than default, you can adjust the map colours and colour scheme to suit your preferences better. For this you can use the Colour Schemes Editor. In Night mode you can adjust when to switch between day and night mode.

Quick actions

Quick actions

Quick actions appear after a long click on the screen either during navigation or while viewing the map. Quick actions in Navigation include Detour, Mute sound, Enable/Disable full-screen mode, Map scale – set the size of text, icons and roads, POI types – choose which POIs should be displayed in the map and which should stay hidden. Quick actions in Map view include De-highlight the selected place, Enable/Disable full-screen mode, Map scale – set the size of text, icons and roads, POI types – choose which POIs should be displayed in the map and which should stay hidden

Importing GPX tracks

Importing GPX tracks

If you have recorded a trip or exported a GPX file from another mapping system, you can simply click on it on your phone and you will get an option to open it in Navigator. Depending on the information in the GPX file Navigator will import the data into My routes or as a track into GPS recording which can be accessed through My places - GPS recording in the menu. Note: You can always copy the GPX file manually to your device memory - copy it to Android\data\com.mapfactor.navigator\files\navigator\gpx . Then you will see it directly in My places/GPS recording.

Record, Replay, Share Your Journey

Record, Replay, Share Your Journey

Navigator allows you to record your trips as files which can be replayed or shared later. To record your journey go to My Places - GPS recording. There are two formats you can use for recording: GPX, an XML file that is good for sharing, and NMEA. To start the recording press the record button Record as GPX/Record as NMEA at the bottom of the screen. Previously saved trips will appear in the list above. In Action menu tap Share and choose how you want to sent the file. You can even record your trips automatically. Enable this in My Places / GPS recording by tapping GPS positions recording.

*Please, be aware that the use of speed and light camera warning is forbidden in some countries. Check local laws before using this feature.

Settings Backup

If you are changing your Android device or doing a fresh reinstall of Navigator, you will very likely face the question of how to backup and copy your Navigator settings, favourite places, routes and so on. Navigator offers many customisation option so it would be annoying to have to start from scratch. There are two basic ways how to backup settings in Navigator.
Google Drive

Online - Google Drive Backup & Restore

When connected to the internet, the easiest way how to backup and restore your Navigator settings is by using the Google Drive.

Creating an online backup

  • run Navigator on your older device:
  • go to Settings - Advanced - Backup and reset/
  • tap Backup your settings to Google Drive
  • choose the Google Account you wish to use for the backup
  • from the list of preferences (files) choose which of the settings you wish to backup.

Restoring/Importing the settings into a new device:

  • Install Navigator on your new device
  • run Navigator
  • go to Settings/Advanced/Backup and reset/
  • tap Restore settings from Google Drive
  • choose (the same) Google account
  • your settings will be imported.
no signal

Offline - Local storage Backup & Restore

If you do not want to backup online, Navigator also offers backup using local storage on your device. Note: If you plan to reset your device, please save the backup file on an SD-card or another external storage.

Creating a local storage backup:

  • Run Navigator on your older device
  • go to Settings/Advanced/Backup and reset/
  • tap Backup your settings to local storage
  • choose preferences (files) for backup and tap OK
  • a backup file will be created.

Copying the backup file to your new Android device:

  • Install Navigator on your new Android device
  • find the backup file (internal memory or SD-card) of your older device - path: android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/backup/
  • copy the file to the same folder on your new device.

Restoring the backup file on the new Android device:

  • Run Navigator
  • go to Settings/Advanced/Backup and reset/
  • tap Restore settings from local backup
  • select the backup file to be restored
  • your settings will be imported.
no signal

Offline - Copying selected setting files individually

You can copy files (like Favourites or Routes) manually. You do not have to create a backup, just copy the selected files individually.
  • Go to local storage on your older device (internal memory or SD-card)
  • Find the following folder: /android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/
  • Find the file or files you wish to copy - e.g. favourites.xml (Favourites), routing_points.xml (Routing points and My routes), vehicle_profiles.xml etc.
  • copy this file/files to the same folder on your new device (overwrite the existing files)
  • restart Navigator and the settings will be available in the app

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are map updates available?

OSM maps are updated monthy. New TomTom maps are released aprox. every 3 months.

Are the map updates for free?

If you are using NavigatorFREE with maps from OpenStreetMaps, all map updates are for free.
If you are using Navigator (iOS, Windows) with TomTom maps, we offer a 50% discount for a TomTom map upgrade.
Navigator 6.2 for Android introduced a new concept of one-year subscription for TomTom maps, which includes also the quarterly updates.
Customers with Navigator PRO versions (Android, iOS) have the map updates also included in their subscription.

I bought a TomTom map licence in the past and now the app offers me a map update. Do I have to buy it?

iOS, Windows, WinCE:  TomTom maps have no expiry date, updates are charged at approx 50%. You can update any time in the future, no need to do it with every release.

Will PC Navigator work with my GPS device?

PC and Pocket Navigator will work with any GPS device that can output NMEA data. This is the standard output format that is support by 99% of all GPS manufacturers. You can use for example this GPS/GLONASS USB device. Note: Be aware, that not all GPS devices work with OS Windows 10.

How can I tell which COM port my GPS device is connected to?

Go to My Computer/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager. In the list expand Ports (COM & LPT). Your device should be listed here.

If you encounter mysterious behaviour of Navigator, please:


send log files from Navigator directly from your mobile device. The log files can be sent from the Main Menu of Navigator via

Settings - Advanced - Report a problem.

Please describe in detail the problem and what was foregoing it. Or you can contact our Technical Support by email: ios-log@mapfactor.com


send log files from Navigator directly from your mobile device. The log files can be sent from the Main Menu of Navigator via

Settings - Advanced - Send logs.

Please describe in detail the problem and what was foregoing it. Or you can contact our Technical Support by email: android-log@mapfactor.com

Windows Phone/10 Mobile

send log files from Navigator directly from your mobile device. The log files can be sent from the Main Menu of Navigator via

Settings - App - Send feedback - click on "send feedback" button and choose to include log files in your message.

Technical Support: windowsapps@mapfactor.com


Windows PC

We offer technical support for free to registered users only. Please register. Technical support is offered only in Czech and English. Before you contact technical support, please try the following steps:

  • First download the latest version of sotware using program „Navigator 17 Setup Utility“. This program was installed during the installation of PC Navigator, MapExplorer or Pocket Navigator into your computer. Number in name Setup Utility is equal to your software version. In further instructions the number of version will be replaced by letter X.
  • Navigator X Setup Utility run on your PC by START/Programs/Navigator X/Setup Utility/Setup Utility.
  • Then press the button Product updates and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • The number of your current version of navigator you can find in Main Menu / About {the number of version is for example 17.0.56}.
  • In MapExplorer you can find your software version in the Main Menu / Help / About {the number of version is for example 17.0.56}.
  • Carefully read the manual on DVD in directory Manuals in PDF format. Or download it from https://www.mapfactor.com/manuals/
  • Carefully read the last chapter of manual "FAQs” regarding solving problems.

To send logs, run Navigator Setup Utility on your PC by START/Programs/Navigator X/Setup Utility/Setup Utility. Click on “Send error report”. Please describe in detail the problem and what was foregoing it.

If the problems are lasting send an e-mail to: support@mapfactor.com. Please describe:

  1. your software version;
  2. your operating system version;
  3. detailed description of the problem and what was foregoing it;
  4. attach the log.txt file which can be found:
    • Windows 2000/XP
      C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\Application data\Navigator\17.0\navigator.log.txt for PC Navigator or C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\Application data\Navigator\17.0\log.txt for MapExplorer. This directory is usually hidden. You can unhide it in My computer/Tools/Folder options/View and here you check "Show hidden files and folders".
    • Windows Vista/7/8/10